Friday, 28 December 2018

Polling Analysis Shows SNP in Pole Position

An end of year review of polling shows the SNP would be in pole position in Scotland for a snap Westminster election – with surveys suggesting the SNP would gain seats, while the Tories and Labour would fall behind.

In the 22 opinion polls on Westminster voting intentions in Scotland since the 2017 general election, the SNP has topped every poll - with support for the party increasing in 82% of the polls. On average, the SNP vote is up 1.5 percentage points (to 38.4%), while support for the Tories has fallen by 2.8 percentage points (to 25.8%), and support for Labour has fallen by 1.1 percentage points (to 26.0%).

The analysis makes bleak reading for the Tories, who have fallen back from their 2017 election result in every single poll since, and for Labour who have fallen back in 73% of the polls.

Polling analysis has also revealed growing support for independence in Scotland. Of the 93 opinion polls on independence since the 2014 referendum, support for independence has increased in 85% of polls. On average, support for independence is up 2.7 percentage points (to 47.4%).

The last poll of 2018 showed support for independence at a two-year high. The Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times (Sample: 1,028 adults; Fieldwork: 30 Nov – 5 Dec 2018) put support for independence at 47%, and found a majority of Scots would back independence over both a No Deal Brexit (59%) and the Bad Deal scenario negotiated by the Prime Minister (53%).

Commenting SNP Depute Leader, Keith Brown MSP, said:

“These polls show that people are continuing to put their trust in the SNP to stand up for Scotland.

“Should there be a snap Westminster election in 2019, the SNP would be in pole position to gain seats – with the Tories and Labour both falling behind.

“It is no surprise that support for the Westminster parties is collapsing, when both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are utterly obsessed about dragging Scotland over the Brexit cliff edge against our will.

“Polls show a majority of Scots support independence over a No Deal Brexit or Theresa May’s bad deal Brexit. It’s time the UK government and Labour opposition stopped sidelining Scotland’s interests and backed a second EU referendum with the option of remaining in the EU.

“The Tories are consumed by the complete and utter chaos of Brexit, and Labour have given up any pretence of being a credible alternative - by backing Tory plans to leave the EU, despite the huge damage it would do to Scottish jobs, living standards and the economy.

“As we hurtle ever closer towards Brexit, the SNP will continue to stand up to the Tories and fight for what’s best for Scotland’s future.”

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Tory Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Sells Out Scotland's Fishing Industry

Special Deal for Northern Ireland Puts Scots at Competitive Disadvantage

The SNP Environment and Rural Affairs Spokesperson has slammed the UK government’s Withdrawal Agreement for putting Northern Irish fishing boats at a competitive advantage, leaving Scottish fishing boats behind.

Speaking after a debate of the Fisheries Bill in the House of Commons, Deidre Brock MP has expressed her serious concerns that arrangements in the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement have sold out Scotland’s fishing sector, breaking the promises that were made to Scotland in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Under the Withdrawal Agreement text, fishing boats registered in Northern Ireland would continue to gain zero-tariff access to the EU and UK markets, but fishing boats registered in Scotland and other parts of the UK would not.

Answering questions from Joanna Cherry QC MP before a House of Commons Committee this morning, Dr Holger Hestermeyer, a Senior Research Fellow at the Transnational Law Institute said that ‘Northern Ireland will get special treatment’ under the Withdrawal Agreement.

Commenting, SNP spokesperson on Environment and Rural Affairs, Deidre Brock MP said:

“The Tory sell-out of Scotland’s fishing industry is not only a slap in the face for Scotland’s hard-working fishing fleet, but shows the UK government’s complete disregard for Scotland in the Brexit negotiations more widely.

“Facing a competitive disadvantage to their counterparts in Northern Ireland, this news will come as a huge blow to Scotland’s fishing industry. Scotland’s fishers will lose the benefits that the EU market currently affords to Scotland while Northern Ireland will keep them.

“Whilst the Prime Minister and her Cabinet spend all their time trying to win back the favour of the DUP, they should really be waking up to reality and reversing their plans to sell out the fishing industry in Scotland.”

Monday, 16 July 2018

Tory 'Dark Money' Scandal Hits Banff & Buchan Tory MP

Over Half of Tories' Local Spend Came from Source Under Investigation

The ongoing controversy of the ‘Dark Money’ scandal which has hit the Conservative Party in Scotland has come to the North-east with the revelation that over half of the declared donations received by David Duguid MP’s election campaign came from a so-called ‘Dark Money’ source.

Campaign donation returns lodged by Banff & Buchan Tory Election Agent, former councillor Edie Chapman, show that a donation of £7500.00 was made to Mr Duguid’s campaign from the “Scottish Conservative Trust”, referred to by the MP in a radio interview as the Scottish Unionist Association Trust (SUAT).

Campaign group Unlock Democracy said that unincorporated organisations like SUAT are often created by political donors to “exploit loopholes in electoral law” and to “shield themselves from scrutiny”.

There is little information in the public domain about SUAT. Electoral Commission records show that the trust’s date of creation was given as 26 April 1968. But SUAT is not a registered entity with Companies House, the Financial Conduct Authority, or OSCR – Scotland’s charity watchdog.

This means there is no information available about the people who currently manage the organisation, and no public accounts to indicate who its donors are, or what assets it holds.

It is understood the Electoral Commission are currently examining the source of these donations.

Commenting on the revelations, a spokesperson for Banff & Buchan SNP said:

“Ruth Davidson’s party locally has serious questions to answer over these revelations, as it seems the local Tories have been bankrolled by murky donations.

“The local Tory MP has admitted in an interview that he was more interested in electioneering than in where the money to fund his own campaign was coming from, passing that particular buck to his local party, in this case his Election Agent Edie Chapman.

“Now that this and several other donations to Tory campaigns across the country is under examination by the Electoral Commission, the local Tories must come clean and tell us what they know about the source of the ‘dark money’.

If they don’t know any more than what their own MP knows, then this raises serious questions about transparency and trust. The voters of Banff & Buchan are entitled to know who funds their MP.”


Banff & Buchan Tory Donations return [click here]

Friday, 29 June 2018

School Crossing Patrollers Reinstated Under New SNP Administration

A number of School Crossing Patroller posts in Moray have been reinstated following action by the new SNP Administration just two weeks into office.

SNP Councillors had requested a report on School Crossing Patrollers be brought to a Special Council meeting this week and successfully won a debate to reinstate all Crossing Patrollers not on signalised crossings, meaning that the vast majority of School Crossing Patrol locations will remain, providing morning and afternoon cover.

Welcoming the decision SNP Councillor for Speyside Glenlivet, Louise Laing, who has been very vocal on the issue, said:

“I am delighted to have the majority of School Crossing Patrollers reinstated. The biggest issue with the most complaints that I deal with is the speed and volume of traffic coming through the towns in my ward.

“It may not be the council’s statutory obligation to get children to school but morally it’s an issue that’s important to both SNP group and the people we represent.

“There are many difficult decisions to make in the coming years but child safety has to be amongst our top priorities. We want to encourage our children to walk or cycle to school and be fit and active, but we also need them to be safe.”

SNP Councillor for Buckie, Sonya Warren, said:

“There has been huge concern from parents and the wider community about the loss of School Crossing Patrollers and we have always felt that this was a cut too far in the last Council budget.

“I am delighted that one of our earliest actions as the new Council Administration has been to get this issue back on the table and I am grateful for the support from other councillors who backed our proposal to reinstate the majority of the School Crossing Patroller sites, including a particularly busy location in Buckie that is set to get busier with the opening of the new early years facility at Lady Cathcart.

“We have already made significant progress towards what will be a challenging budget but the safety of children walking to school is an area we firmly believe must be protected.”
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