Friday, 28 January 2011

Tory-LibDem electoral pact planned

Commenting on the report in the Herald newspaper that the Tories and LibDems plan an electoral pact for the 2015 election the SNP’s Campaign Director and Westminster leader, Angus Robertson MP said they may as well make it official now.

Commenting Mr Robertson said:

“The LibDems have reneged on so many of the policies they were elected on that they might as well make an electoral pact with the Tories official now.

“The fact is that they now support the Tories on increased tuition fees, higher VAT and increased Westminster cuts despite opposing all these before the election.

“The LibDems are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tory party, which probably explains why their support levels have fallen by half since the last Holyrood elections, and many of their supporters are turning to the SNP.”

Remarking on Tavish Scott’s appearance on Newsnight Mr Robertson said:

“If this interview exposed anything it was how no one can trust a pledge the LibDems make. Tavish refused to say that any policies were sacrosanct. No wonder no one knows what the LibDems really stand for anymore bar propping up a Tory government in London.”

Adding his reaction, Banffshire and Buchan Coast candidate Stewart Stevenson MSP said,

“Fishing communities in particular will be appalled at the Liberals getting into to bed with the Tories who took us into the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy. We need principles in dealing with this issue not the supposed electoral advantage which a political party might gain from doing a 'deal' in London.
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