Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tories and Independents Axe Forres Town Bus


Forres SNP Councillor Irene Ogilvie has slammed the Tories and Independents in Moray Council for axing the Forres Town Bus Service. In addition at a time of severe economic pressure following the Kinloss announcement Cllr Ogilvie is highly critical of a cut in Economic Development budget and a reduction in English and Maths teachers, which will damage the prospects of learners.

Cllr Ogilvie said:

“The axing of the Forres Town Bus Service will impact on many people around Forres, especially in the Mannachie, Anderson Crescent and Fleurs Place areas. It will impact on town centre businesses and takes away a vital link to key local services.

“On Economic Development the SNP has consistently made the case that the budget should not be cut and that is all the more critical when RAF Kinloss is being shut down. I cannot believe that the Tories and Independents think this is a sensible budget.

“Finally, the loss of English and Maths teachers will clearly be detrimental to learners in future years and they should not be made to pay the price of the economic failures of Labour and the Tories at Westminster.”
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