Tuesday, 5 April 2011

SNP Welcome SFF's Manifesto For Fishing


Commenting on the manifesto launched today by the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation the SNP’s Richard Lochhead, the Rural Affairs and Environment Cabinet Secretary, said:

“Over the past four years the fishing industry has been a priority for the SNP and at the heart of our work in Government and we welcome the SFF’s manifesto and continuing to work with them in Government.

“Fishing is one of Scotland’s most important industries providing a healthy food source, boosting Scotland’s economy and helping sustain our fishing communities. It will continue to be a priority for a re-elected SNP Government.

“We have worked closely with the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation and other colleagues across the fishing industry in helping to build a more sustainable industry such as investing £90 million through the European Fisheries Fund and working with the industry through the conservation credits scheme that has won plaudits throughout Europe and in tackling the disgrace of discards.

“We recognise and support the ground breaking work that has been undertaken by our fishermen who deserve a strong voice fighting their corner in London and Brussels.

“We also recognise that challenges remain and it is more important than ever that our fishermen have a strong voice in Government. Over the next few months the EU will be negotiating the successor to the broken Common Fisheries Policy.

“We cannot rely on the Westminster parties who see our fishing communities as being ‘expendable’. The SNP wants to see radical change to Europe’s fishing policy and will provide a strong independent voice for Scotland’s fishermen.”

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