Monday, 11 April 2011

Stevenson in Renewed Call for RAF Lossiemouth Commitment

SNP Candidate for the Banffshire & Buchan Coast Constituency Stewart Stevenson has celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the first manned space flight, which falls tomorrow (Tuesday), with a call for an end to the uncertainty surrounding the future of RAF Lossiemouth.

Because of its location and facilities the Moray airbase has previously been suggested as a launch location for commercial space flights to be operated by Virgin Galactic.

Speaking while campaigning in the Moray part of the new Constituency today, Stewart Stevenson said,

"In 1961, the Vostok 1 mission took the human race to new heights and inspired decades of innovation which led to things like non-stick pans and the microchip which is central to today's technological revolution.

"President John F Kennedy responded to the Soviet spaceflight by setting the goal, thought to be impossible at the time, of landing a man on the moon before the decade was out. And that was achieved on 20th July 1969.

"Moray can play its part in the further development of space flight as well as continuing to play a key role in meeting today's defence needs and in delivering local employment. But that requires that the uncertainty caused by the Conservative / Liberal Democrat Defence Review is ended.

"It is time for clarity. It is time to announce that Lossiemouth will be retained as an airbase."

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