Friday, 29 April 2011

Stevenson Welcomes A Fair Deal For Scotland's Pensioners

Deputy Leader, Nicola Sturgeon, has today launched the SNP's mini-manifesto for Scotland's pensioners. It sets out key SNP commitments including a Council Tax freeze until 2016 and keeping the 1,000 extra police in our communities.

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Ms Sturgeon said using both votes for the SNP would help ensure the re-election of a Scottish Government committed to a fair deal for Scotland’s older generation. Launching the mini-manifesto Ms Sturgeon said,

"Scotland’s pensioners are the generation who built our nation. Our pensioners should be able to enjoy their older years without worrying about rising costs and bills".

Over the last four years the SNP has helped make Scotland fairer by freezing the unfair Council Tax. That has helped many older Scots and eased some of the pressure on household bills. A re-elected SNP Government will keep the Council Tax freeze in place for the whole parliament. Only an SNP Government will continue the Council Tax freeze for the whole of the parliament, saving the average households over £1,200. By using both votes for the SNP, Scotland’s pensioners can vote to keep their bills down.

Labour, Lib Dem and Tory all plan to push the council tax up during the Parliament. A strong SNP Government will not let that happen.

And we will make sure Scotland’s pensioners get a fair deal with free bus travel and protection for free personal care. Already opposition parties are threatening to cut free bus travel but with an SNP Government balancing the books we will support concessionary travel and invest in free personal care. Our support for the NHS will keep medical advice and treatment, free and local and we will ensure that the 1000 extra police employed since 2007 remain in place. These extra police have helped deliver a 32-year low crime rate in Scotland and the SNP will keep them on our streets to protect local communities.

Using both votes for the SNP and Alex Salmond for First Minister will deliver a Scottish Government and Parliament that works hard for people in Scotland young and old. Voting SNP in both the constituency and list votes is vital to achieving an SNP Government and progress for Scotland. On May 5th, the stronger the vote for the SNP, the more we can achieve for Scotland.

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