Sunday, 11 September 2011

Salmond Hails 'Fantastic' Poll Result



SNP Leader and Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond MSP has hailed the result of the 'State of the Nation' poll carried out for the Sunday Express by Angus Reid which put support for the SNP at 49% - the third such poll to do so within the last 10 days.

The poll reflects other recent polling showing support for independence strengthening whilst the status quo weakens, with more people than not believing independence will happen in their lifetime. The poll also found a massive lead for devolving responsibility for oil revenues to Scotland and opposition to Trident being sited on the Clyde.

Commenting, Mr Salmond said:

“This is a fantastic poll. 45% of Scottish voters backed the SNP in May and, as we deliver our ambitious programme for government, that support is rising.

"The SNP now has the support of some half the electorate, and there is growing support for Scotland having the full range of job-creating powers we need to boost jobs and recovery, and becoming an equal and independent country with access to the record tax revenues being generated by Scotland’s North Sea oil and gas.

"The people of Scotland spoke in the election, and the Westminster parties all lag far behind the ambitions of the people.

"With the LibDems relegated to minor party status and leadership contests causing confusion and division, both Labour and the Tories are on the run in Scotland."


1. The topline constituency voting figures for this poll (after 'don't knows' and 'won't says' are excluded, in line with standard reporting practice) are as follows:

SNP: 49%
Lab: 29%
Con: 13%
Lib Dem: 5%
Others: 4%

2. This is the third such poll putting the SNP at 49%.

a. The Ipsos-MORI poll of 1002 adults between the 25th and 29th August reported the following results for the Holyrood constituency vote:

SNP: 49%
Lab: 28%
Con: 13%
LD: 7%
Oth: 3%

b. A UK opinion poll for Westminster voting intentions by Angus Reid - taken between 1st September to 2nd September 2011 - showed the SNP on 49% in the breakdown for Scotland (sub sample of 170):

SNP: 49%
Lab: 29%
Con: 15%
LD: 4%
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