Sunday, 9 October 2011

Poll Shows Extent Of Labour's Fall In Scotland


Details of recent polling by YouGov has revealed the extent to which the Labour party has fallen in the eyes of Scottish voters with half the population believing they badly represent and understand voters in Scotland – more than double the view of people in any other part of the UK.

The breakdowns also show that less people in Scotland think the same of the Labour party in terms of how they represent and understand the south of England.

Details of the polling results show that:
  • 50% of people in Scotland think the Labour party badly represents and understands voters in Scotland – more than double any other part of the UK.
  • More voters in Scotland think the Labour party badly represents and understands voters in Scotland (50%) than the South of England (42%).
Commenting the poll details SNP Campaign Manager Angus Robertson MP said:

“These polling figures show how out of touch Labour has become with Scotland. Following the ICM poll showing Ed Miliband was more unpopular in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK they confirm a developing trend in Scottish politics.

“Voters across Scotland know that it is the SNP that has a clear vision for Scotland and it is the SNP and Alex Salmond that are providing the only alternative to the UK government’s programme of cuts.

“Labour look increasingly chaotic. They are out of power, out of ideas and Scots voters have no confidence in Labour’s current leader.

“People across Scotland want to see more job creating powers for Scotland, they support the SNP in taking action now to boost our economy with help for business, investment in capital projects and access to borrowing powers.

“The SNP are the right party at the right time to take Scotland forward and to deliver an alternative to a lacklustre Labour party and a damaging Tory/LibDem coalition.”
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