Thursday, 10 November 2011

Makar Moves For "YES" To Independence


The SNP today welcomed the support of Scotland’s National Makar Liz Lochhead for Scottish independence.

In an interview with the Scottish Review of Books Liz Lochhead says “if there was a referendum tomorrow, I’d vote yes. I don’t see why Scotland and England can’t remain friendly co-operative equals. Other countries in the world have dissolved uncomfortable unions.”

In the interview Ms Lochhead, who is not a member of the SNP, says she was once a member of the Labour party.

SNP Campaign Director Angus Robertson MP welcomed Ms Lochhead’s comments

"The support of Scotland’s National Makar, coming so soon on the cultural and financial legacy left by her predecessor Edwin Morgan, is very welcome.

“Liz Lochhead’s support shows people of all parties and none recognise the importance of independence for Scotland and the new friendship between England and Scotland that independence will bring.

“More and more people share the views and ambitions Liz Lochhead has for Scotland and we look forward to people taking the opportunity to support those ambitions in a referendum in the second half of this parliament."
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