Thursday, 3 November 2011

SNP Slam Budget Consultation Farce At Moray Council

The SNP Opposition Council Group in The Moray Council have slammed the decision by the Tory/Independent Administration not to consult with Moray Communities on their forthcoming budget proposals.

SNP Opposition Leader Cllr Pearl Paul said:

“The Tory/Independent decision not to consult with our communities has come as a complete shock.

“After consulting in previous years they have given our communities an expectation that this is the process they will use but they are now just picking and choosing what to do when it suits them.

“The Tories and Independents have created Area Forums and built Community Engagement processes but are now ignoring the views of those very same bodies. That is just ridiculous. I think the public will be pretty cynical about an Administration that only consults when it feels like it.

“This would also have been an opportunity to get feedback on how previous budget decisions have affected our communities, which would have been very useful when looking at next year’s budget but that opportunity is now lost.

“Perhaps they don’t feel like explaining why they cut services and then miraculously found millions of pounds that could have kept those services going? They are treating Moray’s communities pretty shabbily and they should think again.”
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