Tuesday, 6 December 2011

UK Campaign Swimming Against The Tide


The latest plans for an anti-independence campaign being put forward by the UK parties are “swimming against the tide” said SNP Business Convener Derek MacKay as figures from the social attitudes survey show people in Scotland believe independence will increase pride in Scotland and give Scotland a better voice in the world.

The Social Attitudes Survey revealed yesterday that independence is now the most popular option for Scotland’s future with 43% backing the Scottish Parliament having all the decision making powers for Scotland, with only 29% favouring “devo max” and 21% for the status quo.

The survey showed that 67% of people think pride in Scotland will be better with independence and 51% think Scotland’s voice in the world will be better.

Commenting on the study and reports in today’s Times of yet another attempt by opposition figures to launch an anti-independence campaign SNP Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP said:

“The Scottish Parliament having the responsibility for all then decisions that affect people in Scotland is far and away the most popular choice for the people of Scotland.

“This survey shows a parliament with full powers would increase pride in Scotland and give Scotland a better and stronger voice in the world. There is a real demand for more powers, for independence and for taking Scotland forward.

“Opposition parties are swimming against the tide with their doom and gloom campaigning. Even those who support devolution support far more devolution than any of the UK parties are willing to offer them.

“The clear demand for more powers is simply being ignored by Labour, Lib Dem and Tory as the people of Scotland move far beyond the Scotland Bill and towards a Scottish Parliament with full decision making powers.

“Opposition parties must recognise the very valid ambitions of the people of Scotland for the decisions about their lives to be taken by people in Scotland or they will continue to be rejected by a Scottish public that wants to have more control over the issues that matter to them.”
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