Thursday, 26 April 2012

"SNP councillors will be partners for progress" - Salmond

With seven days to go before poll in the Scottish council elections, SNP leader Alex Salmond has urged the party's candidates and members to 'redouble their efforts' in a final push for votes.

The SNP is the only party to be fielding more candidates than at the last council elections in 2007, and has set a target of winning more seats and councillors than any other party this time around.

Over the next seven days, Party chiefs are planning a series of letters to target voters in swing wards, local and national newspaper adverts and an unprecedented push on polling day to get its vote out.

In a message to SNP members today (Thursday), Mr Salmond said:

"The local elections are now just a week away and across the country the party's campaign is in full swing.

"I'm delighted to report that we are contacting as many voters during this campaign as we managed in last year's Scottish election and that is a testament to the hard-work and commitment of our members. So, thank you for all your efforts and your support.

"Our campaign message is a powerful one. Every SNP council and SNP councillor elected next Thursday will work in partnership with the Scottish Government and that way we can achieve more for the people of Scotland. SNP councillors will be partners for progress, not obstacles to it.

"And, together, nationally and locally, we will deliver key benefits for families and individuals, with a focus on jobs and fairness.

  • We'll keep the Council Tax frozen, saving families an average of £1,200 by 2016.
  • We'll protect the 1,000 extra police - officers who have helped deliver the lowest crime rates for 35 years.
  • Our plans will mean more help for young parents with extra, free nursery hours - increasing to 600 every year.
  • And, every SNP council will invest in jobs and training through our Building for Recovery programme and the unique Opportunities for All, which guarantees the offer of a training or learning place to all 16-19-year-olds.
"The SNP is focused on improving the quality of life for people across Scotland and with these and other policies, step by step we will make our communities better places to live, work and bring up a family.

"In councils where we are already in administration we are building on a record of competence and achievement, and in those parts of the country where we are challenging to become the administration, we will bring fresh thinking and a new approach.

"With a week to go, you can help by speaking to friends, family and colleagues about the SNP's plans. Encourage them to turn out to vote SNP because, in the proportional representation election, every vote will make a difference.

"As always, your support is crucial. As our slogan for these elections says, together, we can and we will make Scotland better."
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