Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Construction Giant Backs SNP Procurement Approach

The SNP Government’s strategy of infrastructure investment has been hailed by the Managing Director of leading construction firm Morrison Construction, who praised its more “sophisticated” approach to public sector procurement.

Edinburgh based firm Morrisons, who were founded in Tain, are leading the construction of the new Forth Crossing and identified this along with several other public sector projects as key drivers of the company performing above expectations.

Managing Director Ken Gillespie is quoted as saying “the Scottish Government identified very early in this recessionary period the benefits of infrastructure investment to the economy. Unlike central government, they got on and did it. We are seeing a pipeline of projects coming to market which will support economic recovery in Scotland.”

Mr Gillespie also hailed the sophisticated approach to procurement adopted by the Scottish Futures Trust and added that “construction feels that we have a stronger market in Scotland than we have elsewhere in the UK.”

Commenting, SNP MSP Annabelle Ewing said:

“Morrison Construction is a major player in Scotland’s construction sector so this praise from Ken Gillespie is a significant vote of confidence in the SNP’s approach to infrastructure.

“Mr Gillespie rightly points out that the Scottish Government has been determined to secure economic recovery through boosting infrastructure investment since the start of the recession, in contrast to Westminster’s failure in this regard.

“That need for further investment in infrastructure in Scotland has never been more pressing.

“Just as the Scottish Government has been right to prioritise spending in this area, it is right for the Tories to end their obstruction and invest now in shovel-ready projects that can rapidly get our economy moving again.

“Scotland cannot afford to remain in a situation where our economic recovery is being stubbornly choked off by a Tory chancellor who has staked his reputation on a failed strategy.

“Instead of leaving the decisions that affect Scotland’s budget to Westminster, we need the powers of an independent Scotland so that these decisions can be made by people 100% elected in Scotland, working solely for Scotland’s interests.”
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