Tuesday, 30 October 2012

EURO-MP Embarks on North-East Surgery Tour

SNP Euro-MP Ian Hudghton will be embarking on his annual surgery tour of North-east towns and villages next week.  Mr Hudghton will be visiting local communities in his Mobile Office on Thursday 8 November to allow constituents who may wish to raise any European-related issues direct access to him.

Mr Hudghton’s surgery tour is now an established fixture and in previous years many people have taken up the opportunity to quiz their Euro-MP on various topics or raise issues of concern.

Previewing the tour, Ian Hudghton commented:

"Last year's tour was a great success, and I'm delighted to be able to expand it to increase the number of towns covered this year.

“Having represented only the North-east previously, it is now quite a challenge under this current electoral system where I share responsibility for the whole of Scotland, which is now one electoral “region”.  However, I am determined that this should not mean that Euro-MPs become more remote from the public and this surgery tour is an excellent way of giving people direct access to me in their own community.”

Mr Hudghton will be available to constituents in his Mobile Office in the following locations and no appointment is necessary:

Thursday, 8th November
BUCKIE, Railway Terrace car park
CULLEN, The Square
PORTSOY, Church Street
BANFF, St Mary's car park
FRASERBURGH, Hanover Street car park
PETERHEAD, Lido car park
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