Thursday, 25 October 2012

SNP Welcome Scottish Affairs Committee Report


The SNP are today (Thursday) welcoming confirmation from the Scottish Affairs Committee that with independence Scotland can become nuclear free within months.

A committee report produced in Westminster states:

“The UK’s entire nuclear deterrent is based and serviced in Scotland.

The Committee has heard in evidence that nuclear weapons in Scotland could be disarmed within days and removed within months.”

Commenting, SNP MSP Bill Kidd – a member of the Council of Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament - said:

“These findings are to be welcomed, and only enhance the case for an independent Scotland where we can move forward towards a country free from Trident nuclear weapons.

“Trident is not wanted in Scotland, and never has been – yet the UK Government are proposing to waste £100 billion dumping another generation of Trident nuclear weapons on the River Clyde. With independence, we can ensure that Scotland's share of the money wasted on Trident is diverted to building a stronger and fairer society.

“The vast majority of MSPs, as well as the churches, trade unions, and civic society across the nation totally oppose Trident nuclear weapons being based in Scotland. A key advantage of independence is that it is the only constitutional option which gives Scotland the powers to have Trident removed from Scottish waters. And the SNP also propose a specific ban on basing nuclear weapons in Scotland in the written constitution of an independent Scotland.

“While the Lib Dems in the Tory-led UK Coalition have abandoned their opposition to Trident renewal, it is quite clear that the people of Scotland remain overwhelmingly opposed to a new nuclear weapons system on the Clyde.”
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