Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Davidson gaffe reveals plan for £1bn budget cut

Ruth Davidson has marked the one year anniversary of her error-strewn time in office with a spectacularly misjudged call to cut over £1 billion from Scotland’s budget.

Ruth Davidson had previously called for a 1p cut to income tax in Scotland, but today called for even steeper tax cuts stating “I want us to look further to see if 1p in the pound is all we can afford”.

In 2016 when the cut would come in, every 1p reduction in income tax in Scotland would cost £560 million. This means that if income tax was cut even further than her previous statements have called for, Scotland’s budget would be facing a hole of at least £1.12 billion.

Ruth Davidson has also previously stated that the Barnett Formula will be “reviewed” if there is a No vote in 2014, revealing the Tories’ willingness to bring in even more savage cuts to Scotland’s budget if the referendum does not return a Yes vote.

Her call for Scotland’s budget to be slashed comes on the same day as a poll by Oxfam showing that 57% of Scots are against lowering taxes for everyone as would be required under Scotland’s tax varying powers.
Commenting, SNP MSP Sandra White said:

“Ruth Davidson is becoming renowned for her gaffes, but even by her standards she has made a spectacular misstep today.

“Before she has even come close to explaining how she would pay for her first tax cut, she has now stated that she wants to go even further.

“Ruth Davidson must now come clean with people in Scotland and explain exactly what part of the public sector is in the firing line for her £1 billion bombshell.

“People in Scotland want public services and the social contract that underpins society protected, not put on the chopping block in pursuit of Tory ideology.

“With today’s Oxfam poll revealing just how out of step with the Scottish public Ruth Davidson is, today’s gaffe has been a fitting way to mark her hapless first year as leader.

“Only a Yes vote in 2014 will protect Scotland from the dismal prospect of the anti-independence parties taking the axe to Scotland’s budget and rolling back the progress that has been made by the Scottish Parliament.”
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