Sunday, 10 February 2013

Cameron 'Living Proof' Westminster isn't Working for Scotland


With the Westminster government’s ‘Bedroom Tax’ becoming a major issue David Cameron’s comments on Scottish independence and the referendum simply highlight that he is “living proof" that the Westminster system of government isn't working for Scotland says the Deputy First Minister and SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon MSP.

Commenting Ms Sturgeon said:

“With the Westminster government’s ‘Bedroom Tax’ inflicting serious harm on families and vulnerable people is just one very powerful illustration that the Westminster system of government isn’t working for Scotland. The PM is living proof of that. Under that system Scotland gets Tory PMs it didn't vote for, implementing policies like the ‘Bedroom Tax’ that we don't agree with.

“Many people across Scotland are suffering as a direct result of Westminster government benefit cuts, and many more are concerned about how they may be affected by changes yet to come into force.

“Westminster’s ability to re-invent itself is spent and now the very institutions which once made us distinct, the welfare state and - in England - the NHS, are under attack from this Westminster system of government.

“It is just further evidence of the need for independence. We want a welfare system in Scotland that provides fair and decent support for all and protects the vulnerable in our society. 

“By placing himself at the head of the No campaign, David Cameron is simply reminding people that he heads a government that Scotland didn't vote for and that independence is the only way to ensure that Scotland always gets the government it votes for."
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