Wednesday, 13 February 2013

SNP Welcome Times Poll - Increased Support for Party and for Independence

Welcoming the Ipsos MORI poll in today’s Times newspaper – which puts SNP support at 43 per cent, 3 points up since last October, and support for an independent Scotland up by 4 points to 34 per cent – the Scottish National Party’s Business Convener Derek Mackay said:

“This is an excellent poll – for SNP support to be increasing almost six years into office, and be around the same level which delivered our landslide victory in 2011, is a fantastic achievement by any standard.

“And the increase in support for an independent Scotland – narrowing the gap with No by seven points since last October – is extremely encouraging. We also know from the Social Attitudes survey that the independence option of the Scottish Parliament making all the decisions is the most popular choice for Scotland’s future – and the guaranteed way to achieve more powers for Scotland is to vote Yes in the referendum.

“Since this poll, the Scottish Government have published the detailed report of the Fiscal Commission which shows how we can have a stronger economy with the powers of an independent Scotland. And an independent Scotland will be a fairer Scotland – instead of having cruel cuts such as the ‘Bedroom Tax’ imposed by a Tory-led government that Scotland didn’t vote for. And the UK government’s own legal expert has agreed that the Scottish Government’s timescale for independence is ‘realistic’.

“We are also extremely pleased with the leadership satisfaction ratings – nearly six years as First Minister and Alex Salmond is plus 7, compared to a disastrous minus 40 for David Cameron after less than three years as PM. And Nicola Sturgeon is plus 17 – compared to just plus 1 for the No campaign’s Alistair Darling, which may well reflect his own responsibility for the economic crash and Libor scandal that occurred on his watch as Chancellor in the last Labour government.

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“The political landscape is changing in a way which is boosting the case for a Yes vote – not least as the damaging impact of Westminster's ill-thought out and unfair benefits cuts become sadly clear.

“The compelling case for a Yes vote is that only with independence will Scotland always get the governments we vote for, and we are confident but by no means complacent about achieving success in the referendum."
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