Monday, 3 June 2013

Labour Increasingly Desperate on Economy


Commenting on the speech by Labour's Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls this morning in which he endorsed Tory plans on austerity and severe cuts and confirmed he would use them as a starting point for any incoming Labour government, Stewart Hosie MP, SNP Treasury spokesman said:

"Ed Balls’ speech this morning is the clearest signal yet that Labour are going to end the sensible policy of universality. His speech is more about salvaging what little is left of his economic credibility and as each day passes it becomes clear that Labour are prepared to jettison their beliefs in a desperate attempt to boost their flat-lining in the polls . He was quoted this morning saying the coalition’s cuts would be the starting point for any incoming Labour government, so his plans will be if anything worse than the Tories. For a start it would mean pensioners who have paid into the system all their lives would lose winter fuel payment if Labour are re-elected .

“Against the backdrop of Johann Lamont’s cuts commission it is clear that any future Labour administrations in Westminster or Holyrood will extend austerity . It is no surprise Mr Balls talks about a ‘bleak future’. On one thing we can agree ‘Labour’s economic credibility is not quite there’.

“It doesn’t matter whether the Westminster government is Labour or Tory it means cuts, cuts, and more cuts. Labour and Tory are one and the same and the only way to improve Scotland’s economy and protect our social values is with independence.

“We now know that a Labour government means sticking with Tory cuts. The only way to escape this Westminster led austerity is with a vote for independence in 2014."
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