Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Survey Shows 52% of Small / Medium Size Businesses in Scotland Favour Independence

New research from AXA Business Insurance has revealed that 52% of Scottish small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Scotland surveyed favour independence.

Welcoming the survey, SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said:

"This is a welcome report which shows that among the SMEs surveyed in Scotland, a clear majority favour independence. On the day that the UK Government presents its latest 'Project Fear' report, this survey indicates that the negative approach of the No campaign is backfiring.

"Business men and women on the ground know that deciding economic policies in Scotland means better policies for Scottish business - for example the small business bonus scheme, creating the most competitive business rates environment anywhere in the UK. And with the full powers of independence, Scotland can achieve even more.

"Business growth and investment are at the heart of our policies to secure economic growth. And while the SNP Government will continue to do all it can to help our businesses thrive within Scotland's current powers, it is only with the full fiscal and economic powers of independence we could do even more to support companies, strengthen our economy and create jobs.

"Scotland is out-performing the rest of the UK when it comes to employment and investment. Our labour market figures are better than those of the UK as a whole, and the Ernst and Young survey on foreign direct investment showed that inward investment projects coming to Scotland at their highest level for 15 years.

"Scotland is open for business - and we can build on our strong foundations and enable our businesses to flourish with a Yes vote next September."

Link to details of the survey http://www.businessreviewindia.in/
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