Sunday, 26 January 2014

NO Campaign's Jim Gallagher Rubbishes 'More Powers' in Event of No Vote


The SNP is today highlighting the NO campaign's expert adviser Professor Jim Gallagher’s admission that a No vote would result in no new major powers being devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

As reported in the Daily Telegraph last summer – months before Professor Jim Gallagher was appointed as a special adviser to the anti-independence campaign – he spoke candidly about what a No vote means.

Prof Gallagher said:

"The SNP's objective is independence. But if it was to secure more powers for Scotland they have gone the wrong way about it.

"The idea that (after a No vote) a devolved Scotland would have some kind of defence role is simply ludicrous."

The Daily Telegraph continued:

"According to Prof Gallagher, the idea of Scotland winning some version of "devo max" in the aftermath of a No vote is fantastical. The term as understood by most people is "just independence light" and will never be accepted by Westminster."

Stewart Maxwell MSP, a member of the Referendum Bill Committee, said:

“This admission by Jim Gallagher really lets the cat out of the bag – now they’ve admitted it - a No vote means no more major powers being devolved to Scotland from Westminster, and any notion of 'devo max' is 'fantastical' according to the NO campaign's own expert.

"Strong majorities exist for control over tax and welfare in Scotland, and it is clear that only a Yes vote for an independent Scotland can deliver this.

“Professor Gallagher's candid remarks come as a blow to the NO camp, who have been making various vague noises about a stronger Scottish Parliament but without any detail. It’s vital to remember that the Westminster-led NO camp point blank refused to include 'devo max' as an option on the ballot paper.

“The NO camp change their tune when there are votes to be won – it’s like 1979 all over again. There were promises of better devolution then, and it took nearly 20 years to deliver the parliament we now have.

“There is a pattern emerging here and it shows that you can’t trust a word the NO camp say.

“The fact is that only with a Yes vote can Scotland achieve the powers we need to build a fair society and strong economy. This fact has become even clearer as a result of Professor Gallagher’s comments."

This development comes only a week after the uncovering of Professor Gallagher’s blog post where he admitted an independent Scotland would keep key EU opt-outs, contradicting a central scaremongering message of the NO campaign.
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