Monday, 6 January 2014

Poll: Five-to-One Support for Production of a Document Setting Out What Happens if Scotland Votes 'NO'


The Scottish National Party has today (Monday) published the results of an opinion poll commissioned by the SNP and conducted by Panelbase - which finds overwhelming support for the NO campaign publishing a document detailing what happens should Scotland vote NO in the referendum.

The polling was conducted from 13th to 20th December, among a representative sample of 1,012 adults in Scotland. Panelbase is a member of the British Polling Council.

The details are:

"The Scottish Government recently published a guide setting out information and answering questions on how an independent Scotland would work. Do you think that those arguing for a No vote in the referendum should publish a similar document setting out what will happen to Scotland if the vote is No?"

YES: 70%
NO: 14%
Don't Know: 16%

Among people who voted Labour in the Scottish Parliament constituency vote in 2011, 68% believe that NO campaigners should publish such a document with 14% against; 58% of Tory voters want this information with 29% against; 76% of Lib Dem voters want these details from NO with 15% against; and 75% of SNP voters think NO campaigners should publish a document with 12% against.

Welcoming the figures, the Deputy First Minister and SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon said:

"Last November, the Scottish Government published a detailed, 670-page guide setting out a wealth of information and answering questions about how an independent Scotland will work.

"But the referendum is not a choice between change or no change - it is a choice between two futures, and therefore those arguing for a NO vote have an obligation to set out what would happen to Scotland after a NO. Former Labour First Minister Henry McLeish also backed this position at the weekend.

"People in Scotland want such a document by a factor of five-to-one - with majorities across supporters of all political parties - and this New Year is the time for the NO campaign to start answering the hard questions and publishing detailed information about what would happen if Scotland votes NO. For example, if Westminster retains control over Scotland, how much would Scotland's budget be cut by, would we still be in Europe in 2020, and how many more children would be plunged into poverty as a result of UK welfare cuts?

"As this poll demonstrates, people want answers from NO."
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