Thursday, 10 April 2014

SNP Lead up to 16 Points Over Labour - Survation Poll

The Scottish National Party welcomed the party ratings in today's Survation/Daily Record poll, which shows a strong lead for the SNP in Scottish Parliament, European and Westminster election voting intentions.

SNP Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP said:

"This is an excellent poll. After nearly seven years in government, the SNP are still far and away Scotland’s most popular political party, with a lead over Labour of up to 16 points. The SNP lead across Scottish Parliament, European and even Westminster voting intentions.

"The fall in Labour support will undoubtedly set alarm bells ringing there, and raise further questions about Johann Lamont's leadership.

"The European election is a fantastic opportunity to stand on the SNP’s positive message of an independent Scotland playing a constructive role at the heart of Europe – in contrast to Westminster threatening isolation through an in/out referendum."

The Survation poll of 1,002 people in Scotland aged 16+ was conducted between 4-7 April.

Scottish Parliament constituency vote

SNP 44.9%
Labour 32.1%
Con 13.5%
LibDem 5.7%
Other 3.8%

Scottish Parliament list vote

SNP 40.6%
Labour 25.1%
Con 12.2%
LibDem 9.0%
Green 7.3%
UKip 4.0%
Other 1.9%

European election

SNP 39.3%
Labour 29.6%
Con 13.3%
LibDem 5.6%
Green 3.3%
UKip 7.4%

Westminster election

SNP 39.8%
Labour 34.3%
Con 15.1%
LibDem 5.7%
Other 5.2%
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