Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Small Business Interest in Referendum Campaign Peaks at Fraserburgh Super Saturday

Local YES campaign shop inundated with interest from local small businesses​

Fraserburgh, 17 June: Local Yes campaigners set up shop at the latest Fraserburgh Super Saturday at the weekend.​

​The event, which is organised by the Fraserburgh Development Trust and the Fraserburgh Forward Business Association, was another success for the town - with a range of local businesses setting up temporary stalls in the town's Saltoun Square.

The local Yes campaign also got in on the weekend's action, setting up a temporary shop on the corner of the Square and being on hand to answer people's questions on everything from fishing to support for small business in an independent Scotland.

Local campaign organiser Ross Cassie commented:

"The Yes shop was queued out the door with folk interested in what an independent Scotland could mean for the town."

"This event goes to show how important it is to support local small business. Small and medium businesses make up around 90% of Scotland's businsesses and employ 50% of the workforce. It's important to support that - which the Scottish Government has been doing with a Small Business Bonus, which offers business rates relief. Our argument is that with the full powers of independence, we will be able to do so much more for our small employers."

​The local Yes campaign is encouraging local businesses to attend a special referendum event for business. The event will take place on August 22 at the Leisure Centre in Peterhead and will be an opportunity for local business people to ask what an independent Scotland might mean for their businesses.
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