Thursday, 26 June 2014

Veteran Broadcaster John Duncanson Campaigns for YES Vote

Grampian TV viewers will be familiar with his once famous nightly signature sign off 'Oidhche Mhath'.

The Gaelic for 'goodnight' catchphrase saw presenter John Duncanson become a household name in the North East for more than 18 years. Now resident in Inverness, John is actively campaigning for a Yes vote in September’s referendum.

Although retired from broadcasting, the 74 year old still finds time between canvassing to help a local stage school with speech production and elocution.

His enthusiasm for a Yes vote comes from his unshakable belief that Scots should take responsibility for their own actions, even ‘our mistakes’.

John Duncanson said:

‘I am aware of all of the economic and statistical reasons as to why Scotland should be an independent country, but I’m in my seventies now and I’ve been on this road since I could vote and I’ve waited all of my life for this amazing opportunity to vote Yes.

‘Scotland has its own distinct pride, culture, language and I love the country. We have been led for more than 300 years and it’s time for us to govern ourselves.

‘We have to be responsible for everything, even our own mistakes. With independence we’ll be responsible for our actions and we’ll no longer be able blame another for leading us into unwanted wars.

‘Importantly, a Yes can give us a great sense of pride and confidence and what’s great about Scotland and “Scottishness” is that anyone who chooses to live or work here can be a Scot. It’s not about ethnicity.

‘Relations will be good with the rest of the UK after independence. I have relatives in Tyneside who joke that is Scotland votes Yes, they hope we take the North East with us!’
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