Saturday, 23 August 2014

Independent Scotland "Would be Higher in Development Table than UK Even Without Oil"

The Scottish National Party has welcomed comments from the author of a Credit Suisse report ‘The Success of Small Countries,’ who said this morning “small countries are successful and in general better off than bigger countries.”

The report, which was inspired by the referendum debate, found Scotland would outperform the UK’s HDI rating – a composite measurement of life expectancy, education and wealth in a population- even excluding any allocation of oil output.

Speaking on BBC Good Morning Scotland, Michael O’Sullivan from the Credit Suisse Research Institute also explained small countries are one of the “leading geo-political trends of the last fifty years.”

Commenting, SNP Treasury spokesperson Stewart Hosie MP said:

“These comments are very welcome. Using academic data, the report sets out Scotland’s potential and how our development rating would outperform the UK- even without oil- following a Yes vote.

“The report also found that smaller countries are better able to ‘effectively’ and ‘cheaply’ deliver public services, and most of the small countries mentioned do not have nearly as many of the resources we have here in Scotland.

“This highlights once again that Scotland is perfectly positioned to flourish as an independent nation. We would be able to concentrate on our talents, grow our economy and build a better and fairer society following a Yes vote."
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