Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Local 'NO' Campaign Chastised for Food Bank Insult

Better Together Aberdeenshire claim that increase in food banks is 'normal'

The "Better Together" campaign in Aberdeenshire have been chastised today after the group claimed on their social media site that the presence of food banks in Scotland was "normal" and "far from being a sign of failure." The incredible claim comes just the day after the Scottish Government announced £500,000 of funding to assist Scottish food banks in meeting rising demand.

The local NO campaign's post "went viral" on social media sites last night, sparking an overwhelming reaction of incredulity before it was removed by administrators this morning.

Ross Cassie, a Macduff-based organiser of the YES campaign in Aberdeenshire, commented:

"Those who volunteer their time and money to run food banks deserve our unreserved thanks. However it is intolerable that food banks even exist in a country which is as wealthy as ours.

"The most alarming statistic is that 1 in 5 who present at local food banks are actually 'working poor' - that is, people who have a job but whose income simply doesn't meet all the bills.

"In September, we have the opportunity to reject the status quo of pervasive inequality that sends working families to food banks. We have the opportunity to take Scotland's wealth in Scotland's hands and make it work for all of Scotland's people."

The Trussell Trust, which operates 40 food banks in Scotland, recently released figures estimating a 400% increase in food banks in just two years, with 70,000 people in Scotland reliant on Trussell Trust food banks alone.

Mr Cassie added:

"There is another way Scotland can become a normal European country - and that is by voting 'YES' in September."
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