Tuesday, 31 March 2015

SNP Welcomes Strong Poll Result Showing Major Swing from Labour to SNP


The SNP is today welcoming the results of a new opinion poll for ITV News showing strong backing for the party in Labour-held seats across Scotland – but is taking nothing for granted and continuing to work hard for every vote.

The ComRes poll conducted in constituencies won by Labour in 2010 shows a 19-point swing to the SNP from Labour – as SNP support in the 40 constituencies stands at 43 per cent.

Commenting, SNP Campaign Director Angus Robertson said:

“This latest poll is another welcome indication of the strong backing for the SNP we are seeing in communities across Scotland, as Labour continues to pay the price for working hand in glove with the Tories during the referendum – and for lining up with them at Westminster to vote for George Osborne’s plans for another £30bn of cuts.

“While this poll is very welcome, we are taking absolutely nothing for granted and we will work harder than ever to win people’s trust on 7th May – so we can deliver jobs and investment, instead of yet more Westminster austerity cuts.

“Electing a strong team of SNP MPs is Scotland’s opportunity to hold real power in the House of Commons, to ensure the things that matter to people in Scotland are firmly on Westminster’s agenda – and to advance the cause of progressive politics across the whole of the UK.

“And by electing more anti-Tory MPs than Tory MPs we can lock David Cameron out of Downing Street – and put an end to the ideological commitment to austerity which is hurting communities across Scotland and elsewhere in the UK."
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