Monday, 4 May 2015

Nearly 900,000 People Who Voted No Say More SNP MPs "Mean Scotland's Interests Better Represented"

The Scottish National Party pointed to Survation polling commissioned by the SNP indicating that nearly 900,000 people who voted No in last September's referendum believe that "electing more SNP MPs to the House of Commons at the General Election on 7 May will mean Scottish interests will be better represented".

The poll was conducted from 22-27 April among 1,015 people aged 16+ in Scotland.

Overall, the poll shows 63 per cent believe Scotland's interests would be better represented with more SNP MPs, compared to just 16 per cent who think they would be worse represented.

Among No voters, 45 per cent think Scotland's interests would be better represented, compared to 26 per cent who think they would be worse represented.

The 45 per cent figure equates to some 893,000 of those who voted No last September.

SNP General Election campaign director Angus Robertson said:

"Our message for Scotland to come together to elect a big team of SNP MPs - making Scotland stronger at Westminster than ever before - is popular and appealing right across Scottish society, encompassing all age groups and people who have previously voted for other parties.

"Significantly, the polling indicates that nearly 900,000 people who voted No last September share the view that electing more SNP MPs on Thursday will mean that Scotland's interests are better represented at Westminster.

"Our campaign can unite Scotland - and if we unite the country to vote SNP on Thursday, every part of Scotland will benefit."
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