Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Brown admits "Vow" has not been delivered


As we approach the anniversary of the ‘Vow’, the SNP is today highlighting new comments from Gordon Brown – who has admitted that the pledge to the people of Scotland has not been delivered by the Westminster parties.

In extracts from his evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary for Reform, Decentralisation and Devolution in the UK, Mr Brown – a key architect of the Vow – says that the UK Government is “…falling short on the delivery of the recommendations of the Smith Commission on Scottish Devolution”.

Gordon Brown’s admission comes as a new poll shows support for independence continuing to grow – the second poll in a week to show support for Yes ahead of support for No.

Commenting, SNP MSP Linda Fabiani – who represented the SNP on the Smith Commission – said:

"When even Gordon Brown – a key architect of the 'Vow' – admits it has not been fulfilled, it is time for the UK Government to sit up and listen.

“During the General Election, the people of Scotland spoke loudly and clearly in favour of substantial new powers for Scotland – but the UK Government’s Scotland Bill does not even deliver on the limited powers set out on the Smith Commission. No wonder people in Scotland are questioning Westminster’s ability to represent Scotland at all.

“That Gordon Brown and the Labour party played a key role in this bogus promise to people in Scotland – and campaigned side by side with the Tories throughout the referendum – will continue to haunt them until next year’s Scottish Parliament election and beyond.

"The fact that the powers promised have not been delivered means it is no surprise support for independence has risen – and it will continue to rise for as long as Scotland's voice is ignored by an arrogant, out of touch Tory Government we didn't vote for."
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