Thursday, 31 December 2015

Mr Q Backs Eight Point Plan Guide to Dealing with Pets and Fireworks

Keep Your Four-Legged Friend Safe This Hogmanay

The Scottish Parliament’s favourite dog, Mr Q – Dennis Robertson MSP’s guide dog – is today warning pet owners about the added stress fireworks at Hogmanay can bring – as the Aberdeenshire West MSP backs an eight point plan to keep pets safe.

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According to the Scottish SPCA, 45 per cent of dogs show signs of fear when they hear fireworks.

However firework phobia is a treatable condition with Mr Q’s eight-point guide to Hogmanay and Pets.
  1. Walk dogs early during daylight hours and keeps pets indoors when fireworks are likely to be going off.
  2. Have a doggy play area with their favourite toys and treats, move them here when the fireworks start.
  3. Ensure that your pet is secure and cannot escape if they are suddenly frightened.
  4. Make sure your pooch or moggy always has somewhere safe to hide if they want to.
  5. Comfort your pet if it will help relax them or give them space if they need it.
  6. Close windows, curtains and play music to mask and hide the sight an sounds of fireworks.
  7. Don’t punish your pets when they’re scared. This only makes matters worse.
  8. Ignore the fireworks yourself and play with a toy to see if your dog want to join, but be careful not to force them.
Commenting, Mr Q’s pal Dennis Robertson MSP said:

“Mr Q and his pals love this time of year, getting to spend more time at home with their families and enjoying the festive cheer. However, Hogmanay can be a stressful night for many animals – who don’t understand why their normal peaceful evenings are interrupted by bright lights and loud noises.

“I always do my best to ensure that Mr Q is relaxed and that I know that he’s safe, so this year I’m backing the eight-point guide to helping your pets deal with fireworks. If owners follow these simple tips, then it can help ensure a less frightening celebration for everyone.

"My message to pet owners is that if you follow these simple tips, your pets will have a less stressful time – and be able to enjoy ringing in the New Year with the rest of the family.”
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