Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Independent Analysis Reveals SNP Pledge Greatest NHS Funding Boost

Labour Exposed As Offering Health Service Less Than Tories

Independent analysis from prominent economist John McLaren has confirmed that the SNP are proposing the greatest increase in NHS spending of all the parties.

And, the analysis concludes that Labour’s manifesto pledge on NHS spending to “increase spending in real-terms” is less than the Barnett consequentials for the Health Service and less than the proposals from the Tory Party.

Commenting, SNP Health Secretary Shona Robison said:

“Labour’s constant ducking and diving on NHS spending has been rumbled.

“Independent analysis from one of Scotland’s most prominent economists confirms what was exposed during Sunday’s leader’s debate – Labour plans to give the least generous NHS spending increase of all the parties.

“It is a measure of how far Labour drifted from the real concerns of ordinary people that they are promising less for the Health Service than the austerity-obsessed Tories. Their manifesto does not even commit them to pass on the Barnett consequentials. That’s shameful.

“We can be immensely proud of the SNP’s record on the NHS –staff numbers and the NHS budget are at a record high – but we know there is more work to do.

“That’s why we have set out ambitious plans to continue to improve our NHS – with a £500m above-inflation increase in investment, a network of new elective treatment centres and plans to reform the health service to meet the challenges of an ageing population.

“The question both Labour has to answer is how they expect our health service to be ready for the challenges of the future if they are not prepared to invest in the NHS?

“Our NHS is our most precious public resource – and it is simply too important to take a gamble on a party with no credible plan to deliver the investment it needs to be ready for the challenges of the future.

“Casting both votes for the SNP on Thursday is a vote to elect Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister – but it is also the only way to ensure our NHS gets the investment and reform it needs to continue to thrive.”
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