Friday, 7 July 2017

Mhairi Black - Moray MP Douglas Ross Must Deliver On His Promise To Support Women Under Pension Threat

Mhairi Black MP has called on new Tory MP Douglas Ross to sign a parliamentary motion to support WASPI women - as he has so far failed to do so, and he has refused to confirm if he will - despite pledging to support the campaign while he was seeking election.

The Tory MP posed for campaign photographs while he was seeking votes – pledging to support women who will lose their pensions as a result of the changes to state pension age, "and to work in Parliament to find a solution to those affected."

Yet he has so-far failed to support the women in Wednesday's parliamentary motion, and refused to say if he intends to do so.

Mhairi Black MP said:

“Douglas Ross must sign this motion in support of these women- otherwise his actions reek of hypocrisy. He was happy to pose with these women during his election campaign while seeking votes - now he must show a stand against his party's damaging policy.

“I cannot believe we are still having to argue the case for WASPI women, and that the UK government has failed to listen.

“For the government to say they can’t afford to pay these women what they are owed is laughable. They can find a billion pounds to cling on to power, but they can’t find the money to give women the pensions that they are due.

“These women are guilty of nothing. They have had the misfortune of being female and being born in the 1950s and live under this UK government who refuses to do the right thing.

"This is an issue of equality. The UK government must take responsibility and Douglas Ross must do the right thing for these women who are missing out on their pension."
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