Friday, 5 November 2010

Stevenson Condemns Tories As 'Out Of Touch' On Student Fees


SNP candidate for Banffshire & Buchan Coast Stewart Stevenson MSP has condemned Scottish Tory calls for students in Scotland to pay £9000 for their university degrees.

The Tories' Scottish Education spokesperson Elizabeth Smith agreed with her London counterparts that students in Scotland should pay and that they should pay up to £9,000 for their degrees. 

Asked on Good Morning Scotland what level a cap should be set Ms Smith said "something around the £9,000 mark" 

The SNP is opposed to tuition fees and the Cabinet Secretary will bring forward proposals for the future of higher education later this year. 

Commenting, Mr Stevenson said: 

"The Scottish Tories are completely out of touch with Scotland's students and Scottish education. 

"Tuition fees have no place in the Scottish system.  Education must be based on ability to learn and the impact fees will have in discouraging talented students from the North-east is unacceptable. 

"The SNP disagrees with the Tory plans in England and we will not see those plans spread to Scotland."
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