Sunday, 29 May 2011

Four Councillors Defect To SNP


The SNP is continuing to win support from people of all parties.

In the three weeks since the Scottish Parliament election four councillors including two Lib Dems, one independent and one former Labour council group leader have joined the SNP.

Mike Dillon and Marie McGurk – respected Liberal Democrats in Renfrewshire have been joined by independent Highland Councillor Glynis Sinclair and Douglas Campbell – an independent who previously led the Labour group in South Ayrshire and also served as election agent to George Foulkes.

SNP Minister for Local Government Aileen Campbell welcomed the new SNP councillors.

“At this month’s Scottish election we saw people from all political backgrounds vote for the SNP, many for the first time.

“Locally and nationally these four councillors represent many people who are turning to the SNP as their natural party.

“As we take our vision for Scotland forward and as we head towards local elections next year we will continue our efforts to win support from all corners of Scotland and bring people together to make Scotland better.”

Former Renfrewshire Council leader Derek MacKay added:

“The SNP has a strong record in local government of supporting our communities and sticking to our values. That commitment is winning the same kind of support in local government that saw the SNP win a majority at Holyrood.”

Commenting on his decision to join the SNP, Councillor Campbell - who said he no longer recognised the Labour party - praised the SNP’s commitment to Ayrshire welcoming “the dedication and commitment of the local SNP group and minority SNP government in delivering positive measures for the people and communities of north Ayr.”

Cllr Glynis Sinclair, a former LibDem turned independent in the Highlands who joined the SNP this week said:

“It is never easy to change to another political party but it became clear long before the Westminster Elections that the Liberal Democrats were losing touch and I have long seen that the SNP reflected the values of both myself and my constituents more directly. I believe that the Highlands and Scotland can achieve so much more.

“Locally, we need to put a brake on the harmful, short term actions of the LibDem/Independent/Labour coalition. Nationally, we need to take control of our own affairs and realise that we have nothing to fear and everything to gain. I am pleased that I can be seen as an example of someone who has been persuaded by a strong message of confidence and vision for our Nation.”

Marie McGurk, who joined the SNP in Renfrewshire from the Lib Dems added

“I’ve been thinking about this for some time. There are changes in Westminster and decisions which have been made by the LibDem leadership which have left me unable, in all conscience, to continue my membership of the party.

“I believe the SNP has worked well for Renfrewshire as part of the coalition and I hope to stand for the party in next year’s local government elections if I am selected.”
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