Friday, 6 January 2012

SNP Take Control Of Clackmannanshire Council


The SNP today took on the leadership of Clackmannanshire Council after a vote of no confidence removed the Labour administration.

Clackmannanshire becomes the 11th council to be led by the SNP and the 13th council in Scotland with the SNP in administration giving the party an early boost in election year. In contrast Labour now has a role in only 9 local authorities.

The no confidence vote followed concerns over Labour’s management of finances at Clackmannanshire and continued criticism of care services for children in Clackmannanshire. The no confidence vote was supported by an independent councillor and a former member of the Labour administration.

The SNP will now form the administration of Clackmannanshire Council under the leadership of Cllr Gary Womersley with fellow SNP Cllr Tina Murphy as Provost.

Speaking after votes in the council saw him elected as Council Leader Cllr Womersley said:

“This is a good step forward for Clackmannanshire and a new start for Clackmannanshire council.

“As Council leader I and the SNP will be working hard to deliver for the people of Clackmannanshire.

“We have been let down by Labour over the last four years. Over the next few months people in Clackmannanshire will see the kind of positive and constructive administration the SNP can bring.”

Local MSP Keith Brown offered his congratulations to the new group:

"Congratulations to Gary Womersley and the SNP Councillors who will now form the new administration.

"This is a new start for a new year and I look forward to working with the new SNP administration to move Clackmannanshire forward.”

Local Government Minister and SNP Business Convener Derek MacKay welcomed the new administration.

“This is a great start to the New Year for Clackmannanshire and for the SNP.

“Since the elections in May 2007 the SNP has moved into the administration of Dundee, Stirling and now Clackmannanshire as Labour has been displaced.

“And across the country the SNP is now in administration in 13 local authorities compared to only nine with any role for Labour.

“For Labour to lose control of the council at the beginning of local election year is a sign that they continue to lose the support of people across the country.

“In contrast the SNP continues to win support with the election of nine new SNP councillors over the last year in by-elections across the country.

“And only last week all 32 local authorities gave their backing to the SNP Government’s commitment to freeze the council tax in the coming year , to protect teacher numbers and maintain 1000 extra police on our streets.

“In the run up to May’s local elections the SNP will be campaigning hard to show people that working together at every level we can deliver local government that will make our communities better and help all of us to take Scotland forward.”

  1. The SNP is now part of the administration in Aberdeen, City of Edinburgh, Clackmannanshire, Dundee, East Ayrshire, East Lothian, East Renfrewshire, Fife, Perth and Kinross, Renfrewshire, Stirling, West Dunbartonshire, West Lothian. 
  2. The SNP leads 11 of the 13 councils either as minority or lead partner in a coalition and is the junior partner in Edinburgh and East Renfrewshire.
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