Sunday, 1 April 2012

Panic, Petrol, Pasties and Polling

After a week summed up by pasties, petrol and the politics of panic, poor polling has now added to the woes of both the Tories and Labour with Sunday Times YouGov leadership ratings showing that all three Westminster party leaders – Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg – have plummeting approval ratings in Scotland.

The latest YouGov polling on how well or badly the UK party leaders are performing shows that the UK party leaders’ ratings are worse in Scotland than the UK as a whole – with David Cameron and Ed Miliband equally unpopular.

The figures show that Ed Miliband has a negative rating of -41% across the UK – but an even worse -49% in Scotland.

David Cameron has a negative rating of -27% across the UK – and a much worse -49% in Scotland.

Nick Clegg has a negative rating of -53% in the North of England – and a much worse -68% in Scotland.

The most recent figures for Alex Salmond – the Panelbase poll published in the Sunday Times on 5 February – showed a positive rating of +17%: the only leader at Holyrood or Westminster to have a positive rating.

Commenting SNP Chief Whip Stewart Hosie MP said:

“After a week summed up by pasties, petrol and the politics of panic, the UK party leaders can now add poor polling to their list of woes.

“The latest figures from YouGov show that all three UK party leaders – Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg – are deeply unpopular in Scotland – much more than elsewhere in the UK.

“After this week's display of arrogance, incompetence mixed with malign intent there is surely no-one left who believes this dysfunctional Westminster government is fit to govern any aspect of Scottish life.

“The Tories were engaged in puerile politicking desperate to deflect attention from their unpopular Budget and sleaze ridden Prime Minister. Their Liberal lapdogs trailed in behind in whimpering and repeating each and every nonsense concocted by their Tory masters.

“The Bradford West by-election result was an unmitigated disaster for Labour – and a total embarrassment for Ed Miliband in a week when the Tories and coalition government are on the back foot over the granny tax, petrol and pasties.

“It is clear that the people of Scotland are rightly appalled by Labour agreeing ‘100 per cent’ with the Tories on Scotland’s future.

“Ed Miliband’s decision to join in a toxic pact with the Tories to stand in the way of job-creating powers and more responsibilities for the Scottish Parliament must be a key factor in his party’s dismal ratings.”
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