Monday, 2 April 2012

Scottish Celebs Do Their Bit For A Cleaner, Greener Scotland!

If you want to help create a cleaner, greener Scotland - and save some money along the way - you won't want to miss a great four-part TV series starting tomorrow night [Tuesday] at 8pm on STV.

In Too Good to Waste, eight familiar Scots - including Kaye Adams, Fred MacAulay and Shereen Nanjiani - take up the challenge to cut back on their wasteful ways.

Watch the trailer now to get a sneak peek of the celebs opening up their homes and their lives to the green lifestyle experts:

Will the celebs be able to give up their energy-sapping gadgets, their gas-guzzling cars and their spendthrift shopping sprees? Tune in to STV at 8pm tomorrow to find out!

As Kaye herself puts it:

"The big surprise has been how easy it is. You don't have to sit shivering in the dark to save yourself money and energy. Doing things just a bit differently can make a massive impact."
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