Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wall Street Journal Scotches Subsidy Junkie Myth

The SNP today welcomed reports in the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch website which adds more weight to the case for Scottish independence and further discredits the anti-independence parties’ efforts.

This follows news that the majority of oil companies are unconcerned by the result of the independence referendum.

The Wall Street Journal Website says: “There is now little dispute that Scotland on its own can be a viable economy.”

And continues: "The claim that a penurious Scotland is a subsidy junkie has already been proved a myth."

Welcoming the reports, Linda Fabiani, SNP MSP and Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Scotland Bill Committee, submitted a motion on the report.

She said:

“More and more informed opinions across the world recognise that Scotland can stand on its own two feet - the case for Scotland is strengthening all the time.

“Scotland is country rich in natural resources, big on skills, attractive to foreign investors and a world leader in renewable energy.

“As the Wall Street Journal points out, it is objectively the case that Scotland pays more in taxes to the UK Treasury than it receives in expenditure.

“The longer that the anti-independence parties continue to talk Scotland down, the further they will alienate themselves from the people of Scotland.”
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