Monday, 13 August 2012

McLeish Snub is a "Bombshell" for the NO Campaign


Labour must take heed of Henry McLeish’s warning about their involvement with the Tories in the anti-independence campaign, says SNP MSP Chic Brodie.

The former First Minister urged the party he used to lead to embrace greater devolved powers for Scotland, in an appearance at the Edinburgh International Book Festival yesterday.

Mr Brodie described Mr McLeish’s comments as a “bombshell” for the No Campaign which outlines just how lacking a positive vision for Scotland Labour is.

He said:

"It is illuminating for the people of Scotland – including Labour voters who are demanding more from their party – to see a glimpse of what the Labour party should be doing if they are serious about their claims of offering a positive vision for Scotland.

"However, so far Johann Lamont and the Labour Party in Scotland’s leadership have offered nothing near to this as they remain united with the Tories in their negative No Campaign.

"Henry McLeish’s forthright and robust views will come as a bombshell to the No Camp. The Tories need Labour and Labour need to wake up to themselves and have an honest and open debate within their party on what they believe is the best path to take for Scotland’s future.

"The most recent poll put support for independence ahead of both the status quo and more devolved powers, it is clear that the electorate are also giving Labour's position a big thumbs down.

"The Tory-led anti-independence campaign offers nothing to Scotland, and will only encourage more people to vote Yes to an independent Scotland."
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