Monday, 8 October 2012

Davidson Must Withdraw Her 12% Slur on Scotland


Ruth Davidson must withdraw her claims that only 12% of Scots are net contributors to the economy, the SNP has said, after analysis of the claims proved them to be written on the back of an envelope.

With the Conservatives seemingly unable to explain where the figure comes from, analysis by the SNP suggests that everything has been done to maximise the expenditure in Scotland, while minimizing the revenue generated. It appears that:
  • She has included groups who would not reasonably be expected to be ‘net contributors’ at that stage in their lives - such as pensioners and students.
  • She has included non-identifiable public expenditure – such as Defence – which have questionable benefit for individual households.
  • She has not included non-identifiable public revenue – including Corporation Tax, Business Rates and North Sea Oil revenue, greatly underestimating the revenue generated in Scotland.
Commenting, SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said:

“Ruth Davidson has made a pretty bold and eye-catching allegation which, unsurprisingly, has turned out to be complete bunkum.

“She appears to have counted all of the expenditure, but ignored most of the revenue – including corporation tax, business rates and North Sea oil revenues.

“So with a stroke of the pen, Ms Davidson has erased all of the wealth that Scots generate when they go out to work in the morning!

“These claims from the Tory leader suggest that she is either completely incompetent, or that she deliberately set out to fiddle every figure and talk Scotland’s economy down."
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