Saturday, 17 November 2012

Negativity of Anti-Independence Campaign Criticised

One of Scotland’s most successful entrepreneurs has criticised the negativity of the anti-independence campaign and said it has failed to outline how it will improve life for Scottish people if they vote No in 2014.

Jim McColl
In today's Herald, Clyde Bowers Capital chief executive Jim McColl said the No campaign had taken a "very negative stance" and it was "really bad the other parties are not coming out and saying 'if you vote No to independence, here is what we will do for Scotland to enhance its ability to grow its economy, create more jobs and improve the well-being of all its citizens".

SNP MSP Annabelle Ewing, member of the Scottish Parliament's Referendum (Scotland) Bill Committee, said:

"Jim McColl has hit the nail on the head – the anti-independence campaign is mired in negativity and there is no way out for them.

"They have learned nothing from their past mistakes. While they relied on the politics of negativity to peddle their message of gloom during last year's election, we worked hard to put a positive message to the people and returned with a landslide result.

"Just as it was then, they can not match our commitment to listen to or to motivate the people of our country.

"We will win the referendum because we have a vision of a better Scotland, and that is a message of hope, ambition and determination.

"The people of Scotland deserve so much better than the negativity of the anti-independence brigade.

"Mr McColl recognises that we need the full economic levers to deliver faster sustainable economic growth with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish.

“The No campaign have yet to answer why they believe we are better with a Westminster government not directly elected by the people of this country rather than by a Scottish Parliament 100% elected by people in Scotland – and that is a question they will continue to fail to answer.”
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