Sunday, 11 November 2012

SNP MSPs Ready to Vote Down UK Gov Sanctioned 3p Petrol Price Hike


Commenting on reports that Chancellor Osborne will come under pressure to drop a planned fuel duty rise, SNP Transport Spokesman Angus Brendan MacNeil outlined how the SNP will continue to stand up for the people of Scotland and oppose this tax hike in tomorrow’s Commons vote.

He said:

“The SNP are completely committed to opposing this price hike which will undoubtedly have a negative impact on jobs, growth and household budgets – particularly in rural Scotland.

“People in Scotland are fed up facing some of the highest fuel prices in Europe, and now the UK coalition government are complicit in a further hike of the price of petrol. It is a disgrace.

“At least 60 per cent of the price of petrol is disappearing down the Treasury black hole. The public realise the UK government are the biggest culprits in this highway robbery.

“We welcome Labour’s conversion on this issue – as for years they were the instrument for fuel tax hikes when they were in government.

“The SNP will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with FairFuel UK and all who oppose this price hike. We have a proud record of halting the UK gov in their tracks on this issue.

“The Tory LibDem coalition cannot deflect all the blame for prices on to oil companies or suppliers when at least 60 per cent of the cost goes into government coffers. Action to cut the cost of fuel is within their hands.

“It is so blatantly obvious that energy rich Scotland should be choosing its own fuel tax rates.”
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