Sunday, 24 February 2013

Anti-Independence Case is 'Falling Down About Their Ears'


The SNP has said the anti-independence case is “falling down about their ears” after the UK government said Scotland would be banned from having nuclear weapons after a Yes vote in 2014 at the same time as talking about keeping them in Scotland.

Commenting on an article in the Scotland on Sunday, SNP Defence spokesperson Angus Robertson MP said:

"First the UK Government's own legal adviser agreed that the Scottish Government's timescale for independence was 'realistic', and now the paper published by the coalition says that nuclear weapons won't be allowed in an independent Scotland - which will be music to the ears of the Scottish people.

“The SNP already propose to make weapons of mass destruction illegal in the constitution of an independent Scotland.

"The Tory-led Government's anti-independence case is falling down about their ears - how on earth can they talk about keeping nuclear weapons in a country that isn't allowed to have them?

"This underlines that the way to get rid of Trident nuclear weapons from Scotland as quickly as possible, and ensure that Faslane has a secure future as Scotland's naval base, is to vote Yes for independence next autumn."
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