Thursday, 18 July 2013

Police Number Cuts in England and Wales


The differing approaches to policing and justice by the UK and Scottish Governments has been exposed today as new figures show a drop in the numbers of police officers in England and Wales.

The countries south of the border have seen a drop of 4,516 drop in the past year - the third year of consecutive falls. The overall number of officers is at its lowest since 2002.

This stands in contrast to the situation in Scotland where police figures are at a generational high.

SNP MSP Rod Campbell, who sits on the Justice Committee, said:

“These figures highlight how it is better for Scotland to make its own decisions, rather than leave matters which affect the people of Scotland in the hands of Westminster politicians.

"No wonder Home Secretary Theresa May was heckled at the Police Federation conference, in stark contrast to the standing ovation Kenny MacAskill received at the Scottish Police Federation conference.

"Crime is at a 39-year low in Scotland, fear of crime is down, the risk of being a victim of crime in Scotland is falling and is lower than in England and Wales.

"This is backed by record numbers of police officers – over 1,000 extra since 2007 – who are keeping communities safe and increasing the crime clear-up rate to its highest since 1976.

"People are feeling safer in their communities and – despite the relentless negativity from opposition parties – record police officers underline how decisions made in Scotland are decisions that are best for Scotland."

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