Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Embarrassment for Alistair Darling as Labour Movement Step Away from the NO Camp


The No campaign faced fresh embarrassment over its donations today after a senior trade union leader condemned its Tory ties, and its commitment to a Westminster system that attacks the most vulnerable in Scotland.

GMB Scotland official Richard Leonard told the Guardian newspaper that his union had decided to effectively boycott Better Together in protest at UK government policies.

Mr Leonard said:

"The GMB's decision not to join the Better Together campaign was made for political not financial reasons. It was determined because of the policies of the coalition government, especially their attacks on the poorest in society, rather than the financial coalition supporting Better Together.

"However there will be concern across the Labour movement about the political outlook and track record of many of these donors."

Earlier this year, the No campaign’s biggest donor Ian Taylor announced that he would no longer be supporting the No campaign financially. The decision followed a string of bad publicity over Mr Taylor’s company’s activities in Iran, Serbia, Libya, the Congo and elsewhere.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson said:

“It is little wonder that significant figures from within the Labour movement are distancing themselves from the No campaign. In financial terms, the No campaign is little more than a Tory front.

“Indeed, the list of donors to the No campaign is an embarrassment to Alistair Darling and adds further proof that the anti-independence campaign is Tory to the core.

“That is no doubt one reason why Labour movement figures such as Charles Gray, Alex Mosson and Lorna Binnie are recognising the benefits of a Yes vote – a fairer and more just society is only possible with the decision making powers that independence will deliver.”
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