Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fresh Embarrassment for NO Camp as More Claims Undermined by Their Own Chief Advisor

The anti-independence campaign has come under pressure to drop their fear tactics once and for all after further examples emerged of their arguments being dismissed by their own chief adviser.

The No campaign has previously faced embarrassment after it emerged that Professor Jim Gallagher had demolished their arguments by making clear that requirements for an independent Scotland to join Schengen or the Euro “can surely be avoided” and that any prospect of major powers being devolved in the event of a No vote was “fantastical”.

The anti-independence campaign faced fresh embarrassment after it emerged that Professor Gallagher has previously said “there is no doubt that these islands, particularly the island of Britain, are an optimum currency union.” He went on to add that “having one currency makes a lot of sense.”

And now, Professor Gallagher has undermined No campaign scaremongering over NATO membership for an independent Scotland, with a book he co-authored arguing that “as part of the UK, Scotland has played an important role in the NATO alliance. It seems likely that NATO would want an independent Scotland to remain a member, though the terms of membership would need negotiation.”

Commenting, SNP MSP Annabelle Ewing said:

“It is no surprise that the desperate scare stories the anti-independence campaign has indulged in are not being believed – but when it is your own chief adviser who has dismissed them it is hugely embarrassing.

“Did the No campaign forget to check what Professor Gallagher had said on these issues before they appointed him?

“There is no doubt that these comments are a major problem for the No campaign. It shows that the approach being taken by their Project Fear has zero credibility.

“With the polls showing that the No campaign is facing a public backlash to their deeply negative approach to the referendum, the time has long since come for them to drop their ludicrous scaremongering.

“As the contradictions and hollow claims pile up for the No campaign, it is clear that the only positive choice for Scotland is a Yes vote in September - giving the people of Scotland the tools we need to build the fairer, more prosperous country we all want to live in.”
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