Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Scotland Can, Should and Must be Independent for the Benefit of Scotland's Fishing Communities

North East MSP Christian Allard is spelling out why Scotland can, should and must be an independent country for the benefit of our fishing communities. Mr Allard’s comments come following news that Bertie Armstrong, Chief Executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation has written to the Scottish and UK governments over the future of the fishing industry.

The SNP MSP worked in the fishing industry for 30 years before becoming a Member of the Scottish Parliament. Responding to the letter Mr Allard said the fishing industry will be a priority in an independent Scotland for any Scottish Government elected in 2016.

Commenting, Mr Allard said:

“We must vote Yes in September to ensure that Scotland’s fishing rights stay in Scotland’s hands. We all have a responsibility to handover a wealthy and growing fishing industry to the next generation.

“Supporting our fishing communities and seafood sector will always be a priority for the SNP – it’s in our DNA.

“The fishing industry has a strong heritage in the North East and throughout Scotland. With a voice at the top table of European negotiations Scottish fishermen will have the opportunity to take a leadership role in reforming the Common Fisheries Policy.

“I look forward to speaking at many more public events on the future of the fishing industry after a Yes vote. I urge organisations like the SFF to follow in the footsteps of others with an interest in the referendum debate – such as the NFU – and hold public meetings in the North East as soon as possible.”
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