Saturday, 10 May 2014

North East Scotland best represented by SNP MEPs

The SNP has today made clear that a vote for the party on 22nd of May will secure the best deal for Scotland’s fishing industry and improved living standards for ordinary Scots.

SNP leader and First Minister Alex Salmond was joined on the campaign trail in Fraserburgh today by MEP Ian Hudghton and SNP candidate Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh to highlight the SNP’s record of standing up for the North East’s interests in Europe and reiterate the commitment towards securing a living wage requirement as part of public sector contracts.

The last term of the European Parliament has seen critical reforms made to the Common Fisheries Policy that deeply affect Scotland’s fishing communities. The SNP in Government and in Brussels has been instrumental in securing the best deal possible for Scotland’s fishing industry – including winning key concessions on moving towards a more regionalised system of fisheries management and the pioneering of new fisheries management techniques such as real time closures.

The SNP is also seeking to make Scotland’s mark in Europe by campaigning for the right to require the living wage as part of public sector contracts – something that is currently prevented under EU rules. The SNP has a strong record on the living wage, introducing it wherever it has the powers to do so.

Commenting SNP Leader and First Minister Alex Salmond MSP said:

“People in the North East know better than anyone just how much these European elections matter to people in Scotland.

“For our fishing industry in particular and the communities it helps to support, the direction being taken in Europe is absolutely critical.

“The SNP has always stood up for Scotland’s fishing industry in Europe – unlike previous Westminster Governments who shamefully described the sector as ‘expendable’ when it came to their negotiations with Europe.

“We know just how important the fishing sector is to the economy of not just the North East, but the whole of Scotland and the SNP will always fight to defend our fishermen.”

SNP President Ian Hudghton MEP added:

“The last few years in Europe have been absolutely critical for the future of our fishing industry - something I have seen first hand in the European Parliament’s fisheries committee while fighting Scotland’s corner.

“There have been significant victories for Scotland, but there are still important decisions to be made – which is why we must have a strong team of SNP MEPs representing Scotland.”

SNP candidate Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh added:

“Only the SNP has a track record of always standing up for the people of Scotland and our industries.

“If elected on 22nd May I will fight hard to secure the living wage as part of public sector contracts - ensuring that much more of the wealth generated in this country is used to create a fair and equal society.”
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