Saturday, 21 June 2014

Blunkett: 15 Years of Tory Rule Could Follow Labour General Election Defeat


The SNP is today highlighting the fact that only a Yes vote will give Scotland the government it votes for, following a warning from Labour MP David Blunkett that a Labour General Election defeat could see the Tories in power for another 15 years.

With the latest polls showing Labour and the Tories neck and neck, David Blunkett – who is stepping down as an MP ahead of the next election - warned that losing the vote next year would see Labour “in the wilderness for as much as 15 years”. He also warned that a renewed Tory government would bring in changes that “would actually not be about fairness or equity”.

David Blunkett’s comments follow two polls in the past fortnight which have found a majority in favour of independence when faced with the prospect of another Tory government.

A Survation poll for the Daily Record found a majority of 54 per cent supported independence when faced with the prospect of another Tory government in 2015. Meanwhile, another poll carried out by Panelbase found support for a Yes vote at 55 per cent on that basis.

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said:

“The fact that the Tories only have one MP north of the border has not stopped them inflicting unprecedented cuts on Scotland. Over the past four years we have seen the poorest hit hardest by austerity that is forcing thousands to rely on food banks - we cannot risk another year of this, never mind another 15.

“David Blunkett is absolutely right to say that 15 more years of Tory rule would ‘not be about fairness or equity’ – and it’s clear that people in Scotland agree with him, with two polls in the last fortnight showing that when faced with the prospect of another Tory government, a majority of people would vote Yes.

“Only a Yes vote can put an end to Scotland being governed by Westminster parties that we did not elect. With independence, Scotland will get the government we vote for every time and we can work toward building the fairer Scotland we all want to see.”
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